A mirror, a carpet and a lemon

In the summer we read A mirror, a carpet and a lemon. This is my summary.

Once there was a Sultan with his daughter. She was so beautiful and so special. The sultan wanted a prince to marry her. As the sultan wanted to recieve gifts, every prince brought a gift. One brought a bird, another brought a hen that could lay colorful eggs. The last one  brought a diamond.The sultan didn`t like any of the gifts.In another  faraway  land  there  lived three brothers who where princes.They,too,heard of princess perihan`s beauty and  they all wanted to marry her.Each of them had five thousand pieces of gold to buy a gift for the sultan.So they whent to a market full of strange things to findgifts.One brought a magic mirror another brougth a carpet and another went to see a merchant and he brought a magic lemon.Then they all stopped and looked into the mirror saw the princess was ill. Then, the brothers took the carpet and went to the palace. When they were in the palace one of the princes sqeezed the lemon and the princess drank the juice and she felt a lot better. Perihan married the prince who had brought the magic lemon.

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  1. Becky Reynal says:

    congrats!!!! your creative writing is super!!!! i see it whit my mom:-) :-)!!!

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