A Mirror, A Carpet and A Lemon

This is my summer reader summary.

Once there was a Sultan with his daughter. She was so beautiful and so special. The sultan wanted a prince to marry her. As the sultan wanted to recieve gifts, every prince brought a gift. One brought a bird, another brought a hen that could lay colorful eggs. The last one take a diamont very beattyful, but Sultan have all the things.All the prince said that is very dificols buy a gift to Perihan.In a one farway land live three brothers.The three brothers bougth things to per ihan.Thefirst prince buy a mirror, in the mirror you could see what happing in the world .The second prince buy a magic carpet when you sat on it you could fly enywhere in the world!!!!.The third prince buy a magic lemon when you where ill you drank the lemon juse and you got cured. Then the three princs go to the palace .Then they looked in the mirror and saw the prinses ill.Then they go to the palace in the carpet.They when they entred to the palce they saw the Sultan in the sofa crying the third prince said ´´I CAN HELP YOUR DOTHER´´.He squesed the lemon,Perihan drank it and she got cured.Then the three princes should the three things and Perihan seid that is very importan the life and she lived whit the third prince



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  1. Alexia says:


    Once upon a time there was a sultan who had a beautiful daughter . Her name was Perihan. All the princes of the world wanted to marry her. The sultan loved perihan and wanted her get married so he thought of a competition. He said: “The prince who gives me the best gift will marry the princess”. One brought a bird with goleen feathers, another one brought colourful eggs and another one a diamond. All of the gifts were so beautiful, but the Sultan got all those things. In a faraway land lived three brothers and they go to the market to find a gift to the princess Perihan. They brought a magic mirror, a magic carpet and a magic lemon. They saw in the mirror the princess was ill and they went to the palace. One of the brothers gave the magic lemon and she got better. He gave her the best gift so the sultan wanted the prince to marry Perihan. They married and lived happily for ever¡¡¡¡¡¡

    The End


  2. Camila says:

    Great Rochi!!! Congratulations! I love you!!!!

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