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Now that we have read the story “Vesuvius Erupts”, let´s watch this interesting video that shows what Pompeii looks like today!

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This week we started woking with a new unit of the book called: “Powerful Forces of Nature”. The first story that we are going to read is titled: “Vesuvius Erupts”. As we all know this week there has been a spectacular eruption of a volcano in Chile. I´ve uploaded a video that shows the eruption of the Calbuco Volcano. Let´s have a look at it!!!

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Santi prepared an amazing cartoon strip illustrating the story he read. Great Job, Santi!!! Congratulations!!

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Topi´s Oral Presentation

Today Topi shared her oral presentation with us. She talked about pets. She shared lots of information and an amazing poster. We also loooooved the cupcakes! Congrats on your incredible work Topi! What did you like the most of her … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Catu!!!!

Today we sang the happy birthday and shared this amazing cake with Catu! May all your wishes come true!!!

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Rochi´s collage on Keeper and the Giant

I read Keeper and the Giant. My favourite part is when Keeper goes to the village and meets a giant. Then, all the people are two small!!!!!

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The Happy Prince

I read the Happy Prince. I liked the part that the prince cries because the people of the town don`t have anything to eat and some people do not have a place to live. He is a good prince.

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Mora´s mobile

I read the Laughing Princess. My favourite part is when Keeper dropped the teeth and the dog caught it. It was very funny.

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Here are some of the amazing activities Junior 4 has done after reading their second book of the Lending Library!!!!!!

I didn´t know I had a professional reporter among my students!! Teo, your interview was great!! Congratulations!!!

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Miss Angie´s Oral Presentation

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