Today we learnt a lot of interesting facts about thunderstorms!! It was great to see how much you know about lightning and thunder. You all shared your experiences during thunderstorms. We all agreed that lightning can be dangerous and we read some tips to stay safe during a storm. I want to share with you these videos and some information to keep on learning about this incredibly interesting topic. Hope you enjoy them!!!

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  1. josefina.p says:

    Angie I love to learn thunder and lighting.

  2. Mile says:

    I learn a lot with this and i have a lot of fun

  3. Becky Reynal says:

    Angie I learn so much of thunders and lightings thank you!!!!

  4. santiago says:

    this video is interesting the drawings are very good i love


  5. sebastián burgio wetzler malbran says:

    I saw lake 2 times more this video.I like it to much!I learn many thinks about
    thunders and lightning.

  6. *JuanaT* says:

    Angey :
    I sow all the videos of the blog, I study a lot, I liek them.
    I want to study more about this things .

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