A Helping Hand

Imagine you’re old Mr Jenkins. Describe why you love dolphins so much and what you do everyday to take care of them.

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  1. Juan Cruz says:

    Hello I am mr jenkins I love the dolphins because they are so beautiful,inteligent and they can do tricks with the ball.I give them food and I play with them every day.I love taking care of them because they are my friends.

    juan cruz

  2. bauti says:

    I love Dolphins so much because they are very intelligent. Also because I like swimming and I can play in the water with them. Everyday, I feed them and train them to jump and look for the ball.
    Mr. Jenkins

  3. Jose LL says:

    hi i am Jose and if i have dolphins like old mr.jenkins, first i will have dolphins because i like them and they are cute, adorable, they like the water like me and they are playfull and i like to play . second i will aliment them, play with a ball and more toys for dolphins and i willm. PLAY ALL DAY with them.

    Love, Jose.

    • mechibissone says:

      Great, Jose! Be careful, when you want to say that you give food to an animal, the verb is TO FEED (not aliment…)

  4. mechibissone says:

    great Nina!

  5. nina says:

    I am nina and if I have to imagine im old Mr jenkins and why I love dolfins .
    First :I will like them because there so funny ,nice and allso because there not DANGEROUS.And I will take them very well ,like for example taking them fod and water
    toys and balls but also plaing with them.And that was mi answer I hoped you like It Love,


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