Christmas in Prague

When the story begins you are taken back in time to 1957. Now, write a short account travelling forward to 2005. What was Christmas like that year for Carol, Jan, Joseph and Pavel. How do you find it different from today’s Christmas and how you spend it here?

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  1. Mile says:

    I think Christmas for Carol, Jan, Pavel and Joseph in 1995 sure was a very special Christmas. It was the first Christmas that they were all together. I think they spent all the time talking about their memories and stories. I think famileis in 2015 celebrate Christmas in a very similar way. The important things remain the same,family together,being thankful for their love,cooking special plates for example cookies with Christmas decoration and giving presents to the other. My Christmas are very special too. I share time with my family, I recibe and give presents and we make special greetings cards to each other. The most important thing is that before dinner we all go together to the church.

  2. luisa says:

    I think that christmas changed. For example:In 1995 they didn´t had whats up, now many people uses it to say hello to their friends .In 1995 some families were smaller and the partys were smaller too and now some families are bigger and they have to do a bigger party or 2 partys. In 1995 christmas was more related to religion, and now is more
    a social celebration . Also , the gifts were diferent , now many gifts are things related to tecnology. That´s what i thing that christmas changed.

  3. sburgio says:

    In chrismas of 1995 they have a nice dinner. I think it’s better to live in that years.

  4. Juanma says:

    I think 2005 Christmas for Jan, Pavel, Carol and Joseph it would be so similar as Christmas in 2015. Family meets to celebrate Christmas and children wait their presents while parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties talk, eat, laugh and have fun, but when the clock strikes 12 is time to celebrate Jesus birth .

  5. Becky says:

    I think that todays Christmas is very diferent than 1957 because now all the long family have a metting, they laugh,dance, hear to music, eat Junk food and play with devices. But, in 1957 people sit in a table and talk about family things and secrets. Also now the childred and adults receive big presents and write a letter to santa claus. There are many diferences and similarities between 1957 and todays chriristmas.
    Becky 🙂

  6. Nano gb says:

    Cristmas in 1995. All the people invited their relatives to their houses to eat chicken. Today they invite them to make parties and they only want to recive their presents and then they go.

  7. Fico says:

    ‘Carol, hurry up. We are really late’. Jan said. It is December 24 of 2005. It is Christmas evening and they are in Berlin. Every year Carol, Jan and Joseph travel to Germany to meet Pavel for Christmas.
    ‘Do you know where Lenka’s teddy bear is?’ Carol asked Jan. Carol and Jan had a baby three years ago. They called her Lenka. They putted that name in honor of Jan’s dead mother.
    ‘Here it is, let’s go.’ Joseph said. The four of them left the hotel room and run to the elevator. This year they stayed at the Adlon Hotel, the best hotel in Berlin.
    ‘Hello Mary and Pavel, how are you?’ Carol asked. Pavel got married. He married Mary in the year 2000. They are having dinner at the hotel restaurant.
    ‘Lenka, you are so big!!!!’ Mary said. Lenka smiled and continue playing with her teddy bear. They sat down at the table and talk all night.
    At 12:00 o’clock Lenka was sleeping but the adults raised they glasses and drunk in honor of the family saying: ‘Merry Christmas!!!!’
    2005 Christmas was nice; they went to the best hotel in Berlin. Carol, Jan, Joseph and Pavel were happy because they were together and the family grew.
    I don’t think that Christmas changed very much from 1995 to 2016, because the most important thing is to be with the family and celebrate Jesus birthday.
    The only big difference is that here is summer and in Europe is winter. I also spend Christmas with my family having a nice dinner all together.

  8. mechibissone says:

    Excellent job, Topi!

  9. topi says:

    I think that today’s christmas is very different to 1995’s christmas. For example:In christmas of 1995 they made a nice dinner. And today the most of the people makes a big party and they dance pop music,and eat junk food,not a good turkey or chicken. And most probbably the people from now a days only wants christmas for receive presents.But before the most of the people wanted christmas because of being with the family.

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