Girl in a Motorcycle

Do you think the way you look determines if you are a good or a bad person? Explain in a short paragraph. Use examples from the story.

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  1. Fini says:

    Sometimes I think that you dont have to judge other people for his-her aspect If he-she is a good person you have to acept him.In the story Kenny thought in the motel was the robber that he saw on the T.V.Kenny investige but he didnt make mistakes like other people.


  2. Cata says:

    I think that I don’t have to rechazar some person for his/her aspect If she/he is a good person you have to acept him.Kenny thout that the girl was the rober but no he looks her aspect.

  3. Juana T says:

    Sometims we think that a peron is good or bad for how he/she looks like (that is wrong) . In the story Kenny thougth that the girl that was in the motel was the robber girl that he saw on T.V.

    Juana T

  4. Jose ll says:

    I think i am a good person because i am not a rober i am a good person, like in the story i not put a hear and i dont say ” GIVE ME THE MONEYYY ” I am like Kenny he investige but he dont make nothing rong.

    JOSE L.L.

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