My Mom, the Movie Star

Have you or somebody you know ever told a lie like Gemma’s did? How was it similar (or different) and what were its consequences? Explain.

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8 Responses to My Mom, the Movie Star

  1. Cata says:

    When I was 4 yers old I toldo to my grandmother that the dog do popo in the swings and we go to pick it I said to my grandmother can you swing me.

  2. Pili says:

    One morning on Fools Day my aunt was expecting a baby. My uncle is very funny so he told us that the baby was born. But then he told us that it was a joke. Later, in the afternoon, he called again saying that the baby was born. It wasn’t a joke but nobody trusted him. But he called again saying that the baby was born.We went to the hospital to see if it was true and it was!!

  3. luisa says:

    No, i never lied in the way gemma lied and i don´t know anyone who has lied as gemma.

  4. Juana T says:


  5. mechibissone says:

    oh my God!!!! really??!!

  6. Juana T says:

    I don’t know sombody that do a lié like Gemma did but with my uncle we do a misichif.
    My uncle took me and my friend to drive in the root doing sigsag in the howls but in one we fit.
    And my father that were slipping has to came and help us.

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