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Olympic Games

My Oral Presentation on the olympic games.

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My oral presentation

This is my oral presentation on martin luther king junior. I hope you like it.

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My oral presentation

This is my presentation on Mahatma Gandhi. I hope you enjoy it.

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World Book Day

Today we sat down next to the chimney and read a ghost story. It was so scary!! We had a great time!

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The Wrong Trousers

This Story is really interesting because is so funny and that for me is be intresting. The story begins at 62 West Wallaby Street on gromit’s birthday at breakfast. I really like it.

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Juana’s Oral Presentation

My oral presentation is about John Paul II. My grandfather helped me prepare it because he  studied to be a priest before marrying my grandmother. I think John Paul II had a very interesting life and I enjoyed doing my … Continue reading

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Cata’s Oral Presentation

this is my oral presentation about Mother Teresa of Calcuta.I found a lot of information about her life and I think Mother Teresa had an interesting life.

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Mile`s Oral Presentation

This is Mile`s oral presentation. We learnt amazing things about Mandela. I hope you enjoyed it. Which fact struck you the most? Mandela from marudiaz77

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Nacho`s Oral Presentation

Here`s Nacho oral presentation. We learnt a lot of interesting facts about Pompei. Which was your favorite part? Pompei from marudiaz77

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Where are we in the universe?

Here´s the picture dictionary we created together at the lab. You can definitely use it to study for your upcoming test. Good work, kiddies! 🙂 Universe junior 5 from marudiaz77

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