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The Anglo Saxons

After reading and learning about The Celts and The Romans, we are going to learn about the Anglo Saxons in Britain. In class, we learnt who they were, where they came from and why the chose Britain to settle down. … Continue reading

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The Magic Finger

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Butterfly Lion

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Farm Boy

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Cover of The Magic Finger

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I Believe In Unicorns

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James and the Giant Peach

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my home

This is my room. In the corner I have my TV with the PlayStation on a chest of drawers. Next to it I have a Kitti fridge where I have my things. In front of the fridge is my sister´s … Continue reading

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My favourite🏠 part by Santino

This is my bedroom  i  have two beds because my brother also sleep here and i have a TV and i also see very frecuently Netflix.I have a desk where i ussualy have breakfast.

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my room

This is my bedroom. It  is a bit dificult to climb to the bed but is not a problem for me. With the TV  I can play with the playstation 4 and  watch my favorite channels. I shere my bedroom … Continue reading

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