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Cinderella Bigfoot

Last week Anouk came to Junior 6 and read to us a very peculiar version of the classic tale Cinderella. It was lots of fun and we really enjoyed you reading to us! Thanks a million!

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The Kites are Flying: Background to the story

In 2002, Israel decided to build a “security fence” in the West Bank. What is the fence? In fact, it’s part-wall, part-fence. Most of its 440-mile length is made up of a concrete base, topped by five metres of wire. … Continue reading

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Norman England

After the Anglo-Saxons, the Normans arrived in England and conquered the land. The Norman Invasion of England The Norman invasion of England in 1066 is described through the images of the Bayeux Tapestry.  The following pages introduce you to the main  claimants to the … Continue reading

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