The Kites are Flying

Mirna is Palestinian but lives in Britain because of the dangers in the Middle East. She describes what it’s like for her family still there.

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Check this website to learn about Mirna

Now, imagine you are Said. Write a letter to Mirna telling her that you understand her and what you hope for the future.

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12 Responses to The Kites are Flying

  1. Ale and Pili says:

    Dear Mirna :
    My name is Said, I want to tell you that I understand you and that we are in the same situation. I have already had a similar situation as yours, with my older brother, called Mahmoud.
    We are to young to be part of this war. I would like the wall to be destroyed and the war to finish, I want peace and friendship in all the world.

  2. Fico and Juanqui says:

    Hello Mirna:
    I’m Said and I am palestinian too. I understand that you are scared.I hate war and I hope in the future this finishes.You and me are childs and we cannot do anything to stop it.My father is in prison and my brother was killed by ocupiers when he was killed an ocupier started to cry and say it was a mistake.I think this war was a mistake I hope we talk again.
    See you later.

  3. Rochi, Nina y Cochi says:

    Dear Mirna,
    I am a Palestinian too! I think that is a good idea what you do, i mean that you didn’t go there because they can bombed you. Poor your family, i am sure that they are sufering a lot! I have a very similar situation, what hapended with your cousin, but with my brother, he was also bombed, because he was atacking a tunk because he was protecting the death of his father. Is real what you say about the palestains children who are sufering a lot, because they are in war and they are very young to be there, they didn’t deserve being there IN WAR!!

  4. nacho y ticho says:

    Hello Mirna, my name is Said I live in Palestine and I know how you feel. I know that you are afraid of coming here. I have to live through it every day. The tanks, the soldiers, the bombs ETC… My brother Mahmoud died and my father is in prison because of the occupiers(Iraeli). But I have hope that one day their will be peace. This Israeli girl on the other side of the wall receives my kites that i send to the other side. Since my brother died I have been sending kites that say my name, my brothers brothers name and ¨salaam¨ wich means peace in Arabic. I have a friend called Max who is a reporter and he went to the other side to document the Israelis prespective. I feel like it is dangerous to come here and live but it has advantages.

  5. Jose y Luisa says:


    Hi Mirna!
    I’m so glad that we both think the same, but also dissaponted that other’s don’t.
    I wish that people from Israel and Palestain stop thinking about killing others and start thinking other ways, like we do. I also hope that Palestinians, Israelis, suicide bombers and the armies of both sides start loving and start thinking what their doing wrong.

  6. juana and becky says:

    hi Mirna!
    I understand your situation and i am a palestinian too. I live in palestine and the war does not stop. I have always been in Palestine and i am afraid of all this situation . In my family there was and accident and i will never forget it. This is a nightmare for me and i hope, like you, that all this stops. During the time that i am living here we have never been bombed but there was a time that there were warning shots, that was a horrible situation. I hope the war stop and peace come back. I think the war is not the way of solving the problem i want pace to all of us.
    Wish you good luck!

  7. Beltrán and Bauti says:

    Hi Mirna
    I’m Said and I had a similar situation. The Israelis killed my brother so I know how it felt very sad. I felt that it was my fault, but I overcame it. Well changing the topic in Palestine now. I and a friend called Max, we made like a piece of peace in one place of West Bank. If don’t understand me you can check in a video that my friend Max made.

  8. SeBaS BuRgIo says:

    Dear Mirna:
    I’m said, a Child that lives in palestine. I also want peace. I understand you because I’m also suffering badly here. I hope soon the war will end and you are going to come and make friends in palestine and enjoy your time here. I can’t wait to se you and to fly a kite with you.

  9. Mile & Juani.T says:

    Dear Mirna:
    I’m Said, I live in Palestine. I really understand you because the occupiers killed my brother and put my father in prision. I’m suffering as much as your family. I would like to be where you are because the war is getting worse and worse. Except for one girl on the other side of the wall that think the same as me, i’m alone in tris horrible world. My dream is the wall to come down, the killing to stop, the war to stop and the most important peace.
    I hope we can meet soon and talk about our dreams, opinions and to talk about our family members we lost.

    See you soon,

  10. Santi y Juanma says:

    Dear Mirna,
    My name is Said.I am Palestinian and I know what are you passing trough.I am in the same situation.It is too horrible.I hope that the war end and we can be in peace.My brother died in a shooting and I can’t have back him but my father is in prison and I can have him back.I hope you are not suffering like me and I hope your family is ok. Soon the war will be end and you can come back to Palestine.
    good bye,

  11. Mora says:

    Dear Mirna:
    What is going on in your country must be horrible although my country is in war with yours too. We are to young to be in this war and i wish that this was over. I think we have a lot in common now that i understand you and i know that some day the wall will be on the floor, i could meet you and this war would be over. I hope you and your family are alright and so we could meet some day.
    Hope we meet,

  12. the story is quite touchy and i got tears in my eyes to read about her

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