Leonardo Da Vinci

You have read a lot about Leonardo Da Vinci in class and now you are going to see a video to gather more information about this wonderful man.

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What calls your attention?

Have you learnt anything new?

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9 Responses to Leonardo Da Vinci

  1. Cochi y Pili says:

    1- It called our attention that he lived in poverty and that his parents couldnt get married because of a reason that his father had a better education than his mother.

    2-We learned that he built a sculpture and that he went to live the king of France. Also that he gift the king the Mona Lisa.

  2. Luisa y Cata says:

    Cata and I saw the video about Leonardo Da Vinci’s life and a presentation too.
    We learned a few things, for example:

    -He was musician!
    -He began life facing very tough things.
    -He lived with his mom and his maternal grandfather.
    -He spent his last days of life in France.

  3. Mora y Jose says:

    Something we learnt was…
    1)Being homosexual was a crime.
    2) Leonardo did not get married or had any kids.
    3)When he went back to his home he found out that his mother died.
    4)he was also a musician.

    Pati and Momo
    ( Jose and Mora)

  4. becky and juana :) says:

    1) Something that called our attention was that people bullied him and one of the reasons was because he was left-handed.
    2) yes, we learned that he was born in 1452 from a rich father and that his parents could not marry.

  5. Santino y Juanma says:

    What calls our attention were two things:the first one were the machines that he made and the second was that he launched a self education program.
    We learnt that Leonardo’s father was the only son of a rich family and Leonardo’s mother was a peasant so they couldn’t marry so Leonardo lived in poverty with his mother.

  6. Nano, Sebas and Beltri says:

    We learnt that his father was millionare, that he was artist, engineer and scientist. We also learnt he designed weapons for the Milan army, Leonardo also made skeches about a flying machine and a submarine. It called our attention that Leonardo draw the mona lisa.

  7. Clara y Rochi says:

    The impressive things that called our attention about Leonardo:
    -That his mom lived with a health problem, and when he came back to his town, his mother was dead. 🙁
    -He went to prison trying to study a dead person (human body).
    -When he was older he gave his favourite painting that he made, Monalisa, to the king. He explained why, because at any moment he would die. And the king accepted.

  8. ticho y juanqui says:

    1) What called our attention was that he had so many professions and he was exceptional at all of them.
    2) We learned that he worked for the Duke of Milan for ten years making war machines and architectural marvels.

  9. Juana.t y Nina says:

    The things that call our atention are:
    -His art partners were jelaus of him, so while Leonardo was sleeping they ruin his painting.
    -He started a sculpter, he spent 16 years , but some one stold it before he finished it.
    We learnt that:
    -Also he was a scientist, mathematican, enginer, inventor, amatonist, sculptor, architect, botanistc, musican and writer, but we thought he was only a painter.
    -He made a scetch of an airplaine, no body undertood it and him, but the scetch is simmilar as the airplane now a days.

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