Project work: World Cup 2018 (Language, Literature and History)

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Group Presentation

1. Check which group you are in.

2. Get together with your group and start your research

3. Produce and interesting, creative and attractive presentation using google presentations, prezi, or any other tool you know.

4. You´ll be presenting the project to Junior 6

Group Members and topics:

Group 1 Ale, Nano, Mile, Teo

World Cup History

Do some research and prepare a timeline including: a) Year; b) Host Country; c) Winner; d) any curious event that took place (3 to 5).

Group 2 Beltran, Topi, Cochi, Santino

Do some research on important Russian cities where the World Cup will take place:  Moscow, St Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan.

Include: a) pictures of the city and the stadiums b) information about the city c) different food people will be able to try when in Russia d) souvenirs people can buy to bring back home.

Group 3 Pili, Jose L.L, Rochi, Juanqui, Bauti

Russian World Cup opening ceremony.

Do research on this important event and include: a) where and when it will take place and first match b) Famous singers who will participate and the songs they will play c) different shows people will be able to enjoy

Group 4 Juanma, Juani F.C, Nacho,  Santi O, Juani T

Fixture and sponsors of the ten most important teams (The company, the product). Illustrate your presentation with the football t-shirts that belong to those ten teams. Don’t forget to include the alternative T-shirts and explain when they may need to wear them. Is there any football player who will be wearing special football shoes for any reason?

Group 5  Luisa, Nina, Cata, Becky

Imagine that many people want to stay in Russia after the World Cup to visit touristic place and see important and historical attractions.Choose ten touristic attractions: a) show pictures and name them; b) make a brief statement about the place/monument and its history and importance for Russia.

Group 6 Burgio, Caeiro, Zorraquin, Ticho, Mora

Do research on all the official mascots all along the World Cups. Include their pictures in your presentation together with their names and countries.

Design your own mascot for Russia 2018. Give reasons for the choice of its characteristics and give him a name. Then write a poem about the World Cup.

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