What is a Padawan?

Last Monday we were reading Wonder and we found a lot of allusions. An allusion is when a real life thing/place/ person is mentioned in a story. One was “Padawans” so I am going to explain it.

Padawans are Star Wars stuff. It is an apprentice to become a Jedi that is like a hero that fights the dark side, the bad guys. The Padawans dont have so many abilities yet but when they become Jedi they can jump very high, they can earn a lightsaber and how to use it and they could wear an incredible tunic.

The photo was taken from Star wars episode VI the return of the Jedi. There is Luke Sky walker(the protagonist) being prepared by Yoda (the green man) to fight the dark side.









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  1. Pat says:

    Great work Santi!! And good explanation of what an allusion is!
    Next time, explain why is mentioned in “Wonder”

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