Industrial Revolution

This term, we are going to work in groups to understand what happened during the Industrial Revolution.

Resultado de imagen para industrial revolution

Read the information concerning your topic.

Watch the videos and the presentations.

Prepare a presentation to teach your topic to the rest of the class.

Be brief and clear.

Use sources: testimonies, photos, videos and explain them.

Make sure you all understand the topic and that you are all ready to answers questions.

Industries and cities: Sebas/Juanma/Pili/Jose

Transport: Santino/Bauti/Rochi/Juana T

Factories: Teo/Juanqui/Juani/Nina

Children working in factories: Topi/Luisa/Beltrán/Fico

Health and Safety: Clara/Mora/Santi/Nacho

Growing population: Becky/Cochi/Ale/Ticho

The Impact of the Industrial Revolution: Cata/Mile/Nano


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