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Miss. Fowl Jimmy Neutron by: Mori

Miss Fowl was Jimmy’s teacher. She was also the victim of many of his inventions. ”I guess i thought she’d look like Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron: an old lady with a big bun on top of her head”

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My booktube by mora

Hi i read little women i like it very much here i let You  the link.

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My Booktube

This is my booktube.

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My oral presentation

this is my oral presentation and it was about weird foods.

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Mora´s mobile

I read the Laughing Princess. My favourite part is when Keeper dropped the teeth and the dog caught it. It was very funny.

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a mirror a carpet and a lemon by mora

This is my summary of the book I read in the summer. Once upon a time there was a sultan who lived with his daughter.She was so beautiful and so especial that the sultan wanted a princeto marry her.As the … Continue reading

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