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We are about to finish reading Via´s chapter in the book “Wonder” and we can understand how Via thinks and feels. Here a drawing of Via. This is how Clara imagines Via looks! What do you think?

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This is Darth Sidious. Before he turned to the dark side he was known as Chancellor Palpatine. As you can tell his face isn’t very normal, this is because a Jedi called Mace Windu deflected Chancelor palpatine’s electric rays with … Continue reading

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Mon Mothama

This is Mon Mothama, a character  of Star Wars.In the book there is an alussion of her.August said that she looks as her teacher. Mon Mothama appeared  in more than 3 movies of Star Wars. She was a human politician … Continue reading

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Miss. Fowl Jimmy Neutron by: Mori

Miss Fowl was Jimmy’s teacher. She was also the victim of many of his inventions. ”I guess i thought she’d look like Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron: an old lady with a big bun on top of her head”

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Project work: World Cup 2018 (Language, Literature and History)

Group Presentation 1. Check which group you are in. 2. Get together with your group and start your research 3. Produce and interesting, creative and attractive presentation using google presentations, prezi, or any other tool you know. 4. You´ll be … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Ones

Analysis of the poem The forgotten ones from Pato_Ch After reading the poem, students reflected and answered some questions. Later, students work on another poem on their own.

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