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Brochure presentation by Topi, Cochi, Beltran, Pili and Fico

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Bauti´s Oral Presentation on Tornadoes

It is great to see how much has Junior 4 enoyed learning about Natural Disasters!!! All the oral presentations on this topic have been really intersting! Thank you Bauti for showing us what tornadoes are and how dangerous they can … Continue reading

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Fico´s Oral Presentation on Earthquakes!

Have you ever seen an earthquake taking place on a delicious cake?! Well, have a look at it!! Fico brought this amazing cake to share with all the class!! Congratulations on your presentation!! It was really interesting!    

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Mile´s Oral Presentation on “Volcanoes””

Mile, your oral presentation was amazing!! It was full of very interesting information!! I loved the video on the “Vesuvius Eruption”; it was great to be able to see an animation on how the Vesuvius erupted and what happened to … Continue reading

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“Hurricane Irene” by Pili

Pili´s Oral Presentation was about the experience she lived together with her family when Hurricane Irene struck New York in August 2011. Pili told us that she was living in New Jersey and when they heard that a Hurricane was … Continue reading

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Oral Presentation: “Hurricanes” by Nano

Nano, congratulations on your Oral Presentation!! We learnt a lot about hurricanes!! The information you presented was really interesting and the video really showed us how powerful a hurricane can be!!

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Rochi´s Oral Presentation

We keep on learning and learning such interesting facts about animals thanks to your great oral presentations. Rochi, your presentation was amazing! Full of interesting information and colourful pictures!!! I loved it!! Great Job!!! 

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Wild Animals by Beltrán

Another amazing presentation, this time on Wild Animals. You gave lots of interesting facts and helped us travel to Africa with the incredible pictures you showed. Well done! Junior 4, which is your favorite wild animal? Tell us why!

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Jose´s Oral Presentation on Pets

Great presentation Jose! We learnt lots of things and enjoyed the pictures! Children, let us know your thoughts on the presentation. Do you have a pet? Tell us about it!

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Congratulations Juanma on your amazing Oral Presentation!!! It was great and full of interesting information. We have never seen such an enormous shark before!

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