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Nuestras Caras de Miedo

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Lending Library Project! Booktubes

Watch the following booktubes. As you can see a booktube is a review of a certain book. Notice that first children mention the title and author of the book and then they carry out a task. Choose among one of … Continue reading

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Mon Mothama

This is Mon Mothama, a character  of Star Wars.In the book there is an alussion of her.August said that she looks as her teacher. Mon Mothama appeared  in more than 3 movies of Star Wars. She was a human politician … Continue reading

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Miss. Fowl Jimmy Neutron by: Mori

Miss Fowl was Jimmy’s teacher. She was also the victim of many of his inventions. ”I guess i thought she’d look like Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron: an old lady with a big bun on top of her head”

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Topi’s Booktube

Topi’s booktube about Esio Trot

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Some more booktubes!

This is Pili’s booktube!

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Cochi’s Booktube

This is Cochi’s booktube about “The Butterfly Lion”

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The Twits, by Luisa!

This is Luisa’s activity based on “The Twits”

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Santino’s lending Library

I share Santi’s toontastic!!

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Bauti Subira´s lending library!

This is Bauti’s activity on “Cool”

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