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Nuestras Caras de Miedo

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Santino’s lending Library

I share Santi’s toontastic!!

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Pin Ball

This is the game we created with Luz, Oli y Belu from Senior 2. Enjoy it.

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My favourite🏠 part by Santino

This is my bedroom  i  have two beds because my brother also sleep here and i have a TV and i also see very frecuently Netflix.I have a desk where i ussualy have breakfast.

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My BookTube A Helping Hand

My booktube Santino.I hope you like it.

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Booktube – Santino

This is my booktube.

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My Oral Presentation

This is my oral presentation. I hope you like it.

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The Emperor`s New Clothes

This is the Voki I created with the summary of the summer reading. Hope you like it! My Voki

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