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Welcome to Junior 7 and welcome to our blog!

  • How is the blog organized?
    There are categories for each of you and for different areas: Literature, History, Science and Language and within the last area you will find: Lending Library, Writings and Oral Presentations. You will also find a calendar to check the homework and the dates of your oral presentations and your tests. On the right hand side, you have a variety of links that will help you go over the topics we’ve been working on in class.
  • When and what for is the blog used?
    We will publish some of the projects we do in class. You will post the final outcome of your own productions as well as your oral presentations.
  • Who participate and how?
    We will all be posting on this blog so always remember to categorize your posts. We also invite your parents and friends to comment on our work and I also expect you to comment on the work done by your classmates and on my posts, as well.

Mary, Pato & Male

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  1. Juana T says:

    Hello every one.

  2. nano says:

    hello children.

  3. Fico says:

    My name is not in the list.

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