Miss. Fowl Jimmy Neutron by: Mori

Miss Fowl was Jimmy’s teacher. She was also the victim of many of his inventions.

”I guess i thought she’d look like Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron: an old lady with a big bun on top of her head”

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What is a Padawan?

Last Monday we were reading Wonder and we found a lot of allusions. An allusion is when a real life thing/place/ person is mentioned in a story. One was “Padawans” so I am going to explain it.

Padawans are Star Wars stuff. It is an apprentice to become a Jedi that is like a hero that fights the dark side, the bad guys. The Padawans dont have so many abilities yet but when they become Jedi they can jump very high, they can earn a lightsaber and how to use it and they could wear an incredible tunic.

The photo was taken from Star wars episode VI the return of the Jedi. There is Luke Sky walker(the protagonist) being prepared by Yoda (the green man) to fight the dark side.









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Project work: World Cup 2018 (Language, Literature and History)

Resultado de imagen para russia world cup 2018Resultado de imagen para world cup 2018

Group Presentation

1. Check which group you are in.

2. Get together with your group and start your research

3. Produce and interesting, creative and attractive presentation using google presentations, prezi, or any other tool you know.

4. You´ll be presenting the project to Junior 6

Group Members and topics:

Group 1 Ale, Nano, Mile, Teo

World Cup History

Do some research and prepare a timeline including: a) Year; b) Host Country; c) Winner; d) any curious event that took place (3 to 5).

Group 2 Beltran, Topi, Cochi, Santino

Do some research on important Russian cities where the World Cup will take place:  Moscow, St Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan.

Include: a) pictures of the city and the stadiums b) information about the city c) different food people will be able to try when in Russia d) souvenirs people can buy to bring back home.

Group 3 Pili, Jose L.L, Rochi, Juanqui, Bauti

Russian World Cup opening ceremony.

Do research on this important event and include: a) where and when it will take place and first match b) Famous singers who will participate and the songs they will play c) different shows people will be able to enjoy

Group 4 Juanma, Juani F.C, Nacho,  Santi O, Juani T

Fixture and sponsors of the ten most important teams (The company, the product). Illustrate your presentation with the football t-shirts that belong to those ten teams. Don’t forget to include the alternative T-shirts and explain when they may need to wear them. Is there any football player who will be wearing special football shoes for any reason?

Group 5  Luisa, Nina, Cata, Becky

Imagine that many people want to stay in Russia after the World Cup to visit touristic place and see important and historical attractions.Choose ten touristic attractions: a) show pictures and name them; b) make a brief statement about the place/monument and its history and importance for Russia.

Group 6 Burgio, Caeiro, Zorraquin, Ticho, Mora

Do research on all the official mascots all along the World Cups. Include their pictures in your presentation together with their names and countries.

Design your own mascot for Russia 2018. Give reasons for the choice of its characteristics and give him a name. Then write a poem about the World Cup.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

You have read a lot about Leonardo Da Vinci in class and now you are going to see a video to gather more information about this wonderful man.

More information

What calls your attention?

Have you learnt anything new?

Leave a comment in the blog!

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The Forgotten Ones

Analysis of the poem

After reading the poem, students reflected and answered some questions.
Later, students work on another poem on their own.
Image result for bullying
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The 39 steps!!!

Hi!!!! The children have been working with some activities on the 39 steps! We need all of you to write a comment voting for the best picture!! Pay attention that each of the drawings has a number!


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The Age of Enlightenment

The Age of Enlightenment refers to the 18th century in European philosophy, and is often thought of as part of a larger period which includes the Age of Reason. The term also more specifically refers to a historical intellectual movement, “The Enlightenment.”

Watch these videos and take notes about:

-Main difference between Middle Ages and Enlightenment

-What solution did people come up with?

-Name some important thinkers.

-Write minimum one new idea.

-What is the main change that must occur on people´s mind?

-Mention one political change.

-Mention the natural rights

Mention one idea in connection to art and another one in connection to science.

Research work (group task)

Check this webpage abuout the Enlightenment

We are going to focus on topics related to people and culture.

Choose 3 topics from PEOPLE and 3 topics from CULTURE and prepare a presentation to show on Thursday 15.

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Let´s have a look at the maps and discuss ideas based on what we know about the Middle Ages

Map of Europe in the Middle Ages


Resultado de imagen para map of europe during the renaissance

Renaissance Map

Resultado de imagen para map of europe during the renaissance


Resultado de imagen para map of europe during the renaissance


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Welcome Back!!

Hey kiddies!

We are so happy and excited to be with all of you again this year!

Make sure we are going to learn a lot new things and have so much fun!

We wish you an awesome year full of new discoveries!

Resultado de imagen para together at school


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Good Bye….See you Soon

Dear all,

We want to tell you

we have enjoyed this year with all of you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Image result for good bye word cloud

Mary & Pat

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